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Eone-Diagnomics, GPBio Partner to Expand Genomic Data on Asian Populations

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Eone-Diagnomics Genome Center (EDGC) has signed a strategic partnership agreement with GPBio, a Chinese genetic analysis company, to develop and expand consumer and clinical genomic services for the Asian markets.

EDGC is a joint venture between Diagnomics — a San Diego, California-based bioinformatics firm — and South Korea's Eone Life Science Institute. It provides clinical and consumer genetic services, including noninvasive prenatal testing, newborn genetic screening, a DTC test called Gene2me, and an ophthalmology genetic test. GPBio, which is based Beijing and Shanghai, partners with Fudan University, Beijing University, and Tsinghua University.

The goal of the agreement is to build up genomic data from Asian populations to enable better interpretation.

"Much of the current genomics industry is being developed around the western countries such as the US and Europe," EDGC CEO Min Lee said in a statement. "With this agreement, however, it is highly expected that EDGC takes the lead in shaping and expanding the global genomics market by strengthening our market dominance in Asia's most potent market."