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Dovetail Genomics Partners With Wildlife Conservation Group Revive & Restore on Sequencing Effort

NEW YORK — Dovetail Genomics said on Monday that it has partnered with wildlife conservation group Revive & Restore to sequence and assemble genomes for 15 endangered species.

Under the terms of the deal, Dovetail will be the preferred de novo genome assembly provider for Revive & Restore's Wild Genomes program, which aims to build high-quality genome assemblies for select species to help inform conservation efforts.

Revive & Restore is funding the program, but funds to sequence and assemble the genome of one species, the Banggai cardinalfish, will be raised via crowdfunding. Santa Cruz, California-based Dovetail said it has committed to donate $500 on behalf of every one of its services customers until enough funds are raised. The resulting genome assembly will be made publicly available.

"The information that is held within a species' DNA can help conservationists discover the genetic basis of adaptability and resilience, reveal breeding structures, the genetics of stress and immune responses, or local adaptations," Revive & Restore Program Manager Bridget Baumgartner said in a statement. "This information can help us predict a species' responses to climate change and allow people to make better wildlife management decisions."