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ChargeSwitch-Pro, CopyCutter EPI400, prepGEM, forensicGEM, MCE-202 MultiNA

Invitrogen has launched ChargeSwitch-Pro PCR clean-up kits. The kits allow researchers to purify high-quality DNA following PCR or enzymatic reactions. Instead of using ethanol or salts, ChargeSwitch kits use an ion-exchange procedure in a spin-column format. According to the company, this increases the success of downstream applications such as DNA sequencing, PCR cloning, or restriction digestions.

Epicentre Biotechnologies has introduced CopyCutter EPI400 E. coli cells, which the company says significantly improve cloning results for unstable or toxic DNA sequences in many commonly used vectors. The CopyCutter EPI400 cells reduce the copy number of plasmids with difficult-to-clone inserts to less than five per cell, thus improving the likelihood of successful cloning and stable clone maintenance. The cells are available in electrocompetent or chemically competent forms.

ZyGEM has launched new prepGEM and forensicGEM kits for DNA extraction. The kits use thermophilic enzymes to conduct DNA extraction in a single closed tube. PrepGEM kits allow users to obtain DNA that is usable without further purification for most PCR-based downstream applications. They have been formulated for high-throughput DNA extraction from animal tissue samples for life science research, animal testing and traceability, selective breeding, and other animal health and agricultural applications. They enable high-throughput DNA extraction of 384 samples in less than 30 minutes.
ForensicGEM kits enable customers to prepare DNA for forensic analysis. Due to the closed-tube system, the risk of contamination is low. The kits have been formulated for high-throughput DNA extraction from crime scene and other sample sources, providing PCR-ready, forensic grade DNA for 96 samples in 20 minutes.

Shimadzu has launched MCE-202 MultiNA, a fully automated, microchip-based capillary electrophoresis analyzer for high-speed analysis of DNA and RNA samples. The chips can process 3,600 or more analyses before replacement. The instrument automates sample processing, including pre-treatment, separation, detection, and data analysis in a single device. The system can register up to 120 automatic analyses at a time. By parallel processing up to four microchips, it can produce electrophoresis results in 75 seconds in the shortest analysis mode.

The Scan

More Boosters for US

Following US Food and Drug Administration authorization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has endorsed booster doses of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, the Washington Post writes.

From a Pig

A genetically modified pig kidney was transplanted into a human without triggering an immune response, Reuters reports.

For Privacy's Sake

Wired reports that more US states are passing genetic privacy laws.

Science Paper on How Poaching Drove Evolution in African Elephants

In Science this week: poaching has led to the rapid evolution of tuskless African elephants.