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Broad Institute Orders 51 HiSeq 2000 Sequencers to Replace More than Half Its GAIIx Machines


By Julia Karow

The Broad Institute has purchased 51 HiSeq 2000 sequencers, which will replace an equal number of Genome Analyzer IIx systems it has currently installed, Illumina said this week.

The institute has 94 GAIIx machines in place at the moment. Its last major expansion of Illumina sequencers took place in November, when it purchased 30 GAIIx instruments (IS 11/10/2009).

The new HiSeq 2000 systems, which have a higher throughput than the GAIIx, will be shipped to the Broad Institute over the next several quarters, according to Illumina.

The institute has already produced several 250-gigabase runs on early-access instruments and found that they provide "significant improvements" to the laboratory workflow, said Rob Nicol, director of the Broad's sequencing operations and technology development, in a statement from Illumina. "Coupled with Illumina's newest sequencing chemistry, the system has the potential to increase high-quality base yields at longer read lengths, and could help improve mapping accuracy and variant discovery."

As of a year ago, the institute also had 10 Roche 454 GS FLX instruments, eight Applied Biosystems SOLiD systems, one Helicos Genetic Analysis System, and one Polonator installed. A Broad Institute spokeswoman declined to provide an update on how many sequencers of what type are currently installed, saying that those numbers are changing rapidly at the moment.

The institute is in line to receive one of the first Pacific Biosciences RS sequencers later this year, being one of the 10 first early-access customers (IS 2/23/2010). It is also an early-access collaborator of Ion Torrent Systems, which plans to commercialize its Personal Genome Machine sequencer later this year (IS 3/2/2010).

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