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Active Motif, Swift Biosciences to Collaborate on ChiP-Seq Tech

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Active Motif and Swift Biosciences have signed a technology development agreement, under which they will work on improved workflows for epigenetics research.

The partners plan to address limitations with ChIP-sequencing workflows by improving yield from small input samples and developing better sequencing libraries, they said. They will do so by combining technologies developed by Swift for enabling the use of very low input samples with ChIP-based technologies offered by Active Motif to provide better sensitivity for detecting key protein-DNA interactions. The combined products will allow researchers to use 10x to 100x less sample and as little as 10pg of ChIP-enriched samples, the partners said.

"By implementing [Swift's] technologies into our R&D efforts, we have generated many impactful advancements in our low cell ChIP programs," Active Motif CEO Joseph Fernandez, said in a statement. "[We] are now close to launching new, low cell ChIP-kits that will outperform anything else on the market."

"One key technical advancement we are introducing with Active Motif is our molecular indices to enable the unique barcoding of every DNA molecule within a sample, providing better signal detection while utilizing more of their data," Swift's President and CEO Timothy Harkins said in a statement. "By working together to combine the best of our respective technologies, we are providing real advancements that the broader community will be able to take as they continue to push how proteins and DNA interact."

Earlier this year, Swift announced a partnership with TATAA Biocenter that allows TATAA to distribute Swift's next-generation sequencing products in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.