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3K-LT, MID, 454 Software, GeneMole, LabLinker, Bioinformatics Services for Next-Gen Sequencing

454 Life Sciences, a business of Roche Applied Science, has launched new products and software for the Genome Sequencer FLX.
A new 3K – Long Tag, or 3K-LT, paired-end protocol enables researchers to sequence 100 bases from each end of a 3 kilobase span on a single sequence read. 
A new Ligation Multiplex Identifier, or MID, kit increases multiplexing. Up to 12 uniquely tagged samples can be amplified and sequenced together. Samples are tagged with a unique MID using a standard blunt-end ligation protocol. Each of the 12 adaptors contains a unique 10-base sequence that is recognized by the sequencing analysis software, allowing for automated sorting of MID-containing reads. When used in conjunction with the previously available gaskets, up to 192 samples can be sequenced per run.
Enhancements to the software include automated detection of samples tagged with MIDs; improved de novo genome assembly using 3K-LT paired end reads; improved algorithms for mutation detection, especially large insertions or deletions up to 50 bases; and a new Phred-like quality scoring system, developed in conjunction with The Broad Institute. The new quality scoring system more accurately scores read error and improves data compatibility with other third party applications.

Mole Genetics of Norway has launched GeneMole, an automated DNA extraction system, in Europe. The instrument, which costs €9,500 ($13,900), can handle up to 16 samples in parallel, with sample volumes ranging from 50 µl to 200 µl. Protocols are available for DNA from blood, DNA from tissue, RNA from cells, and RNA from tissue. The system uses magnetic beads and prepares nucleic acids for downstream applications within 40 minutes. GeneMole is being marketed by VWR in Europe.

Integrated DNA Technologies has launched LabLinker, a system for sharing sequence and research information and for consolidating orders. It is available free of charge at the company’s website.

Genomatix of Munich has begun offering bioinformatics services for next-generation sequencing, including digital gene expression studies and ChIP sequencing assays.

The Scan

Not Immediately Told

The US National Institutes of Health tells lawmakers that one of its grantees did not immediately report that it had developed a more infectious coronavirus, Science says.

Seems Effective in Kids

The Associated Press reports that the Pfizer-BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 vaccine for children appears to be highly effective at preventing symptomatic disease.

Intelligence Warning on Bioeconomy Threats

US intelligence warns over China's focus on technologies and data related to the bioeconomy, the New York Times reports.

PLOS Papers on Campylobacteriosis Sources, Inherited Retinal Dystrophies, Liver Cancer Prognosis

In PLOS this week: approach to uncover source of Campylobacteriosis, genetic risk factors for inherited retinal dystrophies, and more.