NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Researchers from the State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Genomics in Shenzen, China, and elsewhere have sequenced the genomes of four species of mudskippers, getting a glimpse of the genomic changes they've accumulated to adapt to life on land.

Mudskippers are a family of amphibious fish that live on mudflats, though various species of the fish spend more time on land than others.

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A genome-wide association study highlights a potential role for hair follicles in acne risk, according to New Scientist.

Newsday reports that breast cancer genetic testing guidelines for are out of date and may miss individuals.

In Cell this week: gene editing-based strategy to screen for immune system regulators, ancient plague patterns, and more.

Publication of He Jiankui's work on gene-edited infants would raise ethical concerns for journals, Wired and others report.

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