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Macrogen Joins PacBio's Certified Service Provider Program

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Korean sequencing services provider Macrogen has joined Pacific Biosciences' Certified Service Provider (CSP) program.

PacBio's CSP program is a global network of service providers that have been validated to provide sequencing services on the RS II system.

The company launched the program in March and its first certified providers were DNA Link, GATC Biotech, McGill University and Genome Québec Innovation Center, Takara Bio, Washington State University's Molecular Biology and Genomics Core, and the Arizona Genomics Institute.

Last year, Macrogen said it planned to use the RS II system to create de novo human genome references for the Asian population as well as to sequence full-length transcripts, de novo assemblies of plant, animal, and bacterial genomes, metagenome characterization, and complex regions of the human genome like the major histocompatibility complex.

"Since adopting the PacBio technology, we are operating the systems 24-7 and our high-precision Asian genome assembly project progresses smoothly," Hyon-yong Chong, CEO of Macrogen, said in a statement. "For example, we are able to assemble an Asian diploid genome achieving N50 quality over 8 mb using only a single PacBio library."

Macrogen was also an early customer of Illumina's HiSeq X Ten system. PacBio has previously said that such customers represent a new potential market for the RS II, noting that they often use the RS II system to help in assemblies and hard-to-sequence areas of the human genome.