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The Diabetes Research and Training Center will use a $9.5 million grant to support its research cores, including epigenomics and metabolomics studies, and a $632,000 stimulus grant for equipment.

Agilent, which sees metabolomics as a "major growth area," will provide a 1290 Infinity HPLC, a mass spec, and software to Stemina.

The grants will fund research into the metabolic basis of heart failure, as well as the role played by beta-adrenergic receptors on fat cells in regulating growth not typically associated with adrenaline.

Scientists from the company and JHU will use a $340,000 NCI grant to test metabolomic pathways as indicators of lung cancer therapeutic resistance.

The Innovation Awards will grant over $1.3 million for studies tying genes and proteins to cancer drug resistance and metabolism.

The company will use the money to accelerate the global launch of its metabolomics-based procedure for enhancing in vitro fertilization outcomes.

The grants will support 14 research projects, most of which will involve 'omics technologies.

The company will use the proceeds along with a $150,000 NSF grant to develop its hES- and metabolomics-based product for assessing developmental drug toxicity.

The schools will study 14 plants to discover how genes affect their ability to produce compounds that are, or may be, used in drugs.

The purchase comes as part of a £2 million ($3.3 million) award to establish the Cambridge Lipidomics Biomarker Research Initiative.


Nature News reports that recent proposed changes to the US National Science Foundation have raised concerns about a shift away from the agency's focus on basic research.

Noel Rose, the "father of autoimmunity," has died at 92, the Washington Post reports.

According to CNN, Legionella was discovered in buildings leased by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as they reopened following coronavirus pandemic-related closures.

In PLOS this week: genetic analysis of malaria parasite populations in Southeast Asia, genomic surveillance of yellow fever virus in São Paulo, and more.