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genetic genealogy

Minnesota police have used genetic genealogy to make an arrest in a 1986 cold case, reports NBC News.

According to Buzzfeed News, hackers have targeted users of two genetic genealogy sites.

Using historical records and genetic data from consented 23andMe customers and others, researchers provided new insights about slavery in the Americas.

The Los Angeles Times reports Joseph James DeAngelo is expected to plead guilty in a case that identified him as a suspect through genetic genealogy.

Swedish investigators have used genetic genealogy to make an arrest in a double-murder cold case, according to the Local Sweden.

Data collected from volunteers will be used in a genome-wide association study to better understand COVID-19.

Some of the market's most influential voices, including Kári Stefánsson and Linda Avey, believe that consumer genomics is not on the way out but rather experiencing a period of transition.

And Out

A genetic genealogy analysis helped secure the release of a California man from prison after getting his murder conviction overturned, the Guardian reports.

CEO Margo Georgiadis said that the company has "seen a slowdown in consumer demand across the entire DNA category."

Warrant Push Back

Ancestry challenged a search warrant it received seeking police access to its DNA database, according to Buzzfeed News.


Politico reports that the NYPD DNA database has grown since it announced it would be removing profiles from it.

Forbes reports that a structural biology lab at Oxford University studying the coronavirus was hacked.

Science reports that a Dutch research funding agency is combating a ransomware attack.

In Science this week: set of 64 haplotype assemblies from 32 individuals, and more.