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cell-free DNA

The firm is gaining ground in the average-risk pregnancy market for NIPT and expects results from a number of its liquid biopsy studies to be available next year.

The decrease in net loss was primarily due to changes in the fair market value derivative instruments during Q3 2015 compared to the year-ago period.

The San Diego-based firm will use the Series C investment and convertible debt to land regulatory clearance for its cancer treatment response assay.

With more payors amending coverage policies to reimburse NIPT for average-risk pregnancies, Sequenom said it would shift its focus to that market.

The company's technology is designed to enable PCR-free circulating cell-free DNA detection using either a luminometer or portable glucose meter.

The non-exclusive deal enables Eurofins to distribute all of Rubicon's products in Canada and the US.

The results are some of the first published in full demonstrating the validity of Resolution's bias-corrected sequencing approach since the company was launched.

The company demonstrated high analytical sensitivity and specificity, and also showed clinical data supporting a high concordance with tumor tissue sequencing.

The researchers found that the noninvasive test could detect signs of transplant rejection and infection in a cohort of 51 patients. 

A majority of respondents said liquid biopsy is poised to become a widely used tool for assessing cancer mutations within the next one to four years, with NGS-based analysis preferred over other testing modalities.


At a meeting this week, researchers and others discussed the regulatory oversight needed for germline genome editing.

The US Food and Drug Administration has asked questions about Myriad Genetics' GeneSight test, according to Bloomberg.

Researchers report that neutrophil extracellular traps appear to binds gallstones together, according to New Scientist.

In Science this week: approach to infer genotype-by-environment interaction from genetic variants associated with phenotypic variability, and more.