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cell-free DNA

The study found that by inferring the original pattern of nucleosomes in cell-free DNA, the particular tissue of origin for these molecules can be predicted.

The company will use the money to push forward its technology and its market position in the cell-free DNA liquid biopsy space.

Both companies are using their assays to detect genetic alterations that confer a higher chance of response to the drug in a newly-announced Phase 2 trial.

The company is now offering a test covering about 3,000 hotspots in 50 genes for 10 cancer types that can be performed on sample volumes as low as 50 microliters.

The German firm hopes that increasing awareness among oncologists about the benefits of liquid biopsy will spur adoption of the test, called NEOliquid.

A court of appeals will not reconsider the validity of Sequenom's '540 patent, saying it is bound by previous cases regarding patenting laws of nature. 

Adgenix has already signed up its first laboratory customer, inking a contract for a minimum of three years to supply LaboSud with the assay.

The firm's clinical data showed comparable performance between NIPT by microarray and NGS, but the switch to arrays has helped speed turnaround times.

The Netherlands is considering whether and how to implement NIPT and researchers have applied for a license to study NIPT in average risk pregnancies. 

Under the agreements, members of Fortified Provider Network and Three Rivers Provider Network will now have access to Biocept's liquid biopsy tests.


The US National Institutes of Health's All of Us project awarded $4.6 million to the company Color to develop a genetic counseling resource for the program.

The Times of India reports on a pilot study that used genomic testing to determine whether patients had drug-resistant tuberculosis.

New guidelines say that more women may benefit from genetic testing for hereditary breast or ovarian cancer, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In Cell this week: small proteins identified among human microbiome, role for tumor microbes in pancreatic cancer survival, and more.