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cell-free DNA

The German firm hopes that increasing awareness among oncologists about the benefits of liquid biopsy will spur adoption of the test, called NEOliquid.

A court of appeals will not reconsider the validity of Sequenom's '540 patent, saying it is bound by previous cases regarding patenting laws of nature. 

Adgenix has already signed up its first laboratory customer, inking a contract for a minimum of three years to supply LaboSud with the assay.

The firm's clinical data showed comparable performance between NIPT by microarray and NGS, but the switch to arrays has helped speed turnaround times.

The Netherlands is considering whether and how to implement NIPT and researchers have applied for a license to study NIPT in average risk pregnancies. 

Under the agreements, members of Fortified Provider Network and Three Rivers Provider Network will now have access to Biocept's liquid biopsy tests.

The firm is gaining ground in the average-risk pregnancy market for NIPT and expects results from a number of its liquid biopsy studies to be available next year.

The decrease in net loss was primarily due to changes in the fair market value derivative instruments during Q3 2015 compared to the year-ago period.

The San Diego-based firm will use the Series C investment and convertible debt to land regulatory clearance for its cancer treatment response assay.

With more payors amending coverage policies to reimburse NIPT for average-risk pregnancies, Sequenom said it would shift its focus to that market.


US National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins says he will avoid male-only speaker panels.

Two patients fell ill, and one subsequently died, following a fecal microbiome transplant that harbored multi-drug-resistant bacteria, according to the New York Times.

Technology Review reports that eGenesis is testing whether organs from genetically modified pigs can be transplanted into monkeys.

In Science this week: almond reference genome, and more.