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carrier screening

Good Start will serve as an in-network laboratory partner for a variety of genetic screening tests.

The goal is to develop a standardized education and credentialing process for healthcare personnel and to generate tools and resources to help pregnant women make prenatal genetic testing decisions.

The firm has screened over 71,000 patients and identified more than 3,000 carriers, up to 25 percent of whom would have been missed with traditional screening tests.

The NBSeq project will involve exome sequencing on some 1,600 newborn blood spot samples.

Signifikance's platform is currently used for analyzing and interpreting cancer variants but will soon support prenatal screening and testing as well.

The statement is a first step to educate clinicians and laboratories on the use of expanded carrier screening tests.

Sequenom CEO Bill Welch said at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference that the company plans to bring "at least" three new laboratory-developed tests to market in 2015. 

Cheaper testing is enabling more widespread carrier screening of prospective parents.

The company's goal is to transition from a one-test provider to a full-service genetic testing company in the reproductive health and potentially other markets.

The partnership will enable Good Start to offer IviGen products and services to in vitro fertilization specialists and women's health professionals in the US and Canada.


Novavax has begun a phase III trial of its SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, according to the New York Times.

Vox reports that the Trump Administration may limit student visas for individuals from some countries to two years.

The governor of New York says the state will conduct its own review of any SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, NPR reports.

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