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cancer panel

Kailos will provide lower-cost screening for hereditary ovarian and peritoneal cancers through Teal It's Gone, a non-profit promoting testing options.

In an editorial, Johns Hopkins University's Jennifer Axilbund argues that gene panel testing should be approached with caution.

$12 million of Q4 revenues derived from clinical testing, up 17 percent from $10.3 million a year ago, and $14.1 million from pharmaceutical customers, a 68-percent year-over-year increase.

A recent paper describes sample infrastructure for connecting tumor sequence to drugs and trials for use by labs offering oncology NGS-based panels.

National Government Services' coverage criteria are different from criteria proposed by Palmetto last year, which may impact companies like Foundation Medicine.

The companies are combining their respective products to provide a solution that covers genetic testing from sample prep to clinical reports.

The study, which will be the pediatric counterpart to the ongoing adult-only NCI-MATCH trial, will be run by the NCI in partnership with the Children's Oncology Group.

Under a national agreement, UnitedHealthcare will cover the FoundationOne genomic profiling assay in patients with metastatic stage IV non-small cell lung cancer.

The researchers looked at the first 10,030 consecutive patients referred to GeneDx for germline hereditary cancer panel testing by next-generation sequencing.

Counsyl offered its hereditary cancer panel for free to San Francisco women and found that about half who had positive results would not have been screened.


NPR says the explosion and fire earlier this week at a Russian lab that stores dangerous pathogens revives the question of whether such samples should be kept.

According to Wired, Nebula Genomics is providing a way for people to get their genomes sequenced anonymously.

A 26-year-old woman tells Cosmopolitan about learning her APOE status at a young age.

In Science journals this week: a functional genomic screen uncovers drug combination that increases KRAS inhibitor efficacy in aggressive lung cancer, and more.