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Scenes from GSAC 2002


Low attendance didn''t seem to stifle the fun at TIGR’s 14th Annual Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference, which GT has adopted as the venue for the GT All-Stars Awards Bash. At a soirée atop the Prudential Tower on Oct. 3, GT hosted some 500 guests for our annual awards banquet, where the massive All-Stars trophies were handed out, and the October issue of GT was unveiled. PerkinElmer, Gene Logic, HP, and Iobion co-sponsored the party. The following pages feature shots from the party, the GSAC show floor, and TIGR''s annual celebration evening.


1. Gary Montry, Shane Sturrock, Lionel Binns, and Eamon O’Toole

2. John Attwood, Sanger Center, Richard Straw, ABI, and Sanger’s Chris Clee

3. GenomeWeb CEO Dennis Waters

4. GT All-Star Elaine Mardis

5. Chris Davies of Bayer

6. GT All-Star Howard Cash

7. Graham Scott, Baylor

8. GenomeWeb’s Mo Krochmal and Aaron Sender

9. HP’s Dan Joy and UNM’s Maggie Werner-Washburne

10. MIT dancers

11. Frank Campbell of ECG, GT editor Adrienne Burke, Confirmant’s Martin Gouldstone, Incyte’s Gary Daubresse

12. Michael Weiner of 454 and Tony Smith of Solexa

13. GT’s Meredith Salisbury and PerkinElmer’s Peter Coggins

14. Two-time All-Star Stephen Fodor, Claire Fraser, and Craig Venter


16. Lincoln Stein and Steve Lincoln

17-22. Networking at the All-Stars party

23. Inspecting the All-Star Ballot

24. Geospiza’s Joe Slagel, Nilah Mazza with Makoto Ikeda

25. Lion’s Drew Arnold and Deborah Riley

26. GeneData meets Accelrys

27. Charlotte Henson from Whitehead

28. Bayer’s Doug Bigwood and NIST’s Stephen Heller

29. Product of the Year All-Stars


1. Dan Densham of Mobious Genomics

2. Standing around on the show floor

3. V&P Scientific booth

4. Whitehead’s Jill Mesirov

5. Sarstedt booth

6. GeneticXchange booth

7. Telechem/ booth

8. GenomeWeb booth

9. Yoriko Takahash and Makoto Ikeda of Rikei

10. MWG Biotech

11. Linda Oak, Brinkmann Instruments

12. Tim Hunkapiller at the Edge Biosciences booth

13. Breakdown at the InforMax booth


1. Andy Knowles, CSG Systems

2. Tom Quinn, Scyld Computing

3. IBM’s Frank White and Susie Stephens of Oracle

4. Gary Daubresse, Incyte, with Louise Bono, Avaki

5. Amersham’s almost All-Star John Nelson

6. Kelly Clark-Potrzebowski, Brinkmann Instruments

7. Bryon Sosinski, NC State

8. Harry Ransom, Biosearch Technologies

9. Paul Haje, Telechem/ with Robin Stears

10. Third Wave booth

11. Todd Smith, Geospiza

12. Spotfire booth

13. TAP’s Audrey Long with her hair down

14. TIGR’s Keita Geer

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