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A blogger describes SciVee, one of the latest science-focused video sites to launch.

Science reports on translational medicine, ultra-conserved genomic sequences, HIV, and more.

Freeman Dyson writes about heresy and science.

Amgen announces massive layoffs in response to declining drug sales.

The FDA steps up for personalized medicine.

A blogger expounds on why controls are necessary in biological research.

Chinese pigs are coming down with blue-ear disease.

Nature reports on evolving enzymes, computational biology, Nina Fedoroff, and more.

Tech Review publishes its annual list of young innovators.

Stephen Colbert's comedy show has a tour de force DNA special edition.

Sandra Porter blogs on accuracy issues with DNA sequence.

It was just a matter of time till Google took over health records. A sneak peek and review.

MIT researchers have developed a microscope that generates real-time images of cells.

In today's NYT, John Tierney writes that we're almost certainly living in somebody else's virtual world.

Impact factors lead to unscrupulous researchers, says an editorial in Current Biology.

The first human trials for a DNA-based vaccine for multiple sclerosis have been declared a success.

A blogger argues that patents stifle research.

Intellectual property rights distract universities from their original purpose, says a blogger.

In the blogosphere: what does creative commons mean for you?

Thank heavens for those cis-regulatory regions, or you'd be a whole lot hairier, according to a new paper studying the differences between humans and chimps.

Satirical newspaper The Onion has an article on the usefulness of DNA testing.

Science showcases glaucoma, label-free molecular detection, and a new systems biology book.

A blogger says that perhaps the fitness cost of antibiotic resistance to bacteria is the signal peptide.

Gene duplication seems to protect against deleterious mutations, researchers find.

Nature reports on genetic discrimination, China's drug industry, histone methylation patterns, and more.


A proposed rule would deem graduate students at private institutions to not be employees, which ScienceInsider reports might affect unionization efforts.

A new study finds that a positive lab environment can encourage undergraduates to continue to perform research.

A new analysis suggests non-US citizen STEM PhDs might pass up jobs at US-based startups due to visa concerns.

A UK survey of researchers who identified as LGBT+ and allies uncovered evidence of unwelcoming workplace climates in the physical sciences.