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The Scan

Now that Biogen's on the market, it's time for the pundits to analyze potential merger deals.

Keith Robison settles on C# as his new programming language of choice.

Genome sequencing might be too scary for the average non-geneticist consumer to handle.

A blogger discussions advances in protein structure assessments methods.

Voodoo Works. Really.

Steven Salzberg responds to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine's request for more money and new centers.

Researchers discover more factors influencing type 2 diabetes.

Jonathan Eisen doles out his third "Overselling Genomics" award to Newsweek.

Microsoft's HealthVault takes security seriously, but what about patient privacy?

After Watson and Crick's publication, the real work began to prove the double helix structure, according to this blog post.

A Nature Methods paper eliminates the need for PCR in targeted sequencing.

Glaxo files suit against the US patent office in response to the new patent reform laws.

Newsweek has an article profiling "10 of the most esteemed biologists." Brace yourself for some serious swaggering.

Biogen Idec may be on the market, and Carl Icahn is already in talks to buy.

The recent science winners were European; are Americans slacking off?

Sequencing in China

Chinese researchers map a Chinese person's genome; plan to do the panda genome next.

Science has persistent itch, chlamydomonas, metagenomics, and more.

Roche CEO confident in bid.

Graduate students launch a site to evaluate published journal articles.

Keith Robison found a proposal to sequence three long-lived mammals' genomes.

This week's Nature has stem cells, gene duplication and evolution, and miRNAs.

It's Likelihood-Free

An article in PLoS Computational Biology describes a new computational way to look at biological networks.

MIT's OpenCourseWare project has nearly 2000 courses available online.

GTO went to Paradise and found, well, Craig Venter. A report from GME.

Journal Club discussions at PLoS ONE take off.

A PNAS article says adding sticky overhangs to siRNAs increases their stability and gene silencing.


A new study finds that a positive lab environment can encourage undergraduates to continue to perform research.

A new analysis suggests non-US citizen STEM PhDs might pass up jobs at US-based startups due to visa concerns.

A UK survey of researchers who identified as LGBT+ and allies uncovered evidence of unwelcoming workplace climates in the physical sciences.

At the Guardian, the University of Edinburgh's Nikolay Ogryzko argues that universities need to better invest in postdocs' careers.