The Scan

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

A scientist looking into signaling pathways and links to homosexuality in sheep finds himself at the center of a public outcry.

A WSJ article notes that prizes offered for advances in science and other fields and contributed greatly to innovation.

Nature in Brief

Your weekly guide to Nature.

JCM features a genomic study on bacteria that flourish in kids' mouths.

A PLoS Genetics paper tackles the trend of genome shrinkage in the Rickettsia genus.

Itching to Sell

The New York Times reports on low sales for biotechs offering biologics for psoriasis.

Proteomic Profiling

A PNAS paper looks at profiling histone complexes in their native proteomes.

First, Get a Placenta

A biotech DIY blog offers practical tips on isolating stem cells.

A merger to create the Linux Foundation joins two standards and development organizations for the open-source platform.

A non-sperm specialist chats with the New York Times about his research and how his lab got its start with genomics.

Readers of the blog voice opinions on how they would fix the funding problem if they were in charge of NIH.

NYT remembers James Hillier, a physicist who died this week of a stroke at the age of 91.

A science blogging convention takes place in North Carolina.

A report from a biotech advocacy group says that last year marked a record planting of genetically engineered crops.

As the US Senate considers a bill to broaden federal funding for stem cell research, a leader from NIH reports that President Bush's restrictions on this research have impeded breakthroughs.

From 3 Quarks Daily, a thoughtful essay on open source, open access, and more.

In an international poll, the discovery of the structure of DNA didn't quite make the top of the list as the biggest medical breakthrough since 1840.

President Bush calls for a law to keep private genetic information.

February's National Geographic gives readers a glimpse into genome research and the life of Francis Collins.

A quick scan of some highlights in today's issue of Nature.

It's nominating season for the Ben Franklin open access award.

Affymax signs a new office lease representing a major expansion for the company.

Overheard at PAG

As seen in a Genome Technology notepad: a humor report from the Plant and Animal Genome meeting.

Proteomics may be complicated, but that didn't stop these scientists from adding quantum physics to the mix.

The Wall Street Journal reports on Pfizer's anticipated new strategy.


At Nature, a graduate student describes how to explore careers outside academia and what PhD programs can do help that search.

A new analysis of research funding finds that after receiving their first award, female researchers are just about as likely to receive additional awards as male researchers.

The Nature Jobs blog reports that the University of Chicago is no longer requiring graduate school applicants to submit standardized test scores.

At Nature, the University of Alberta's Devang Mehta calls on PIs to engage in conversations about racism.