The Scan

This Week in Nature

GTO rounds up the relevant reads in today's edition of Nature.

A new blog gives tips on designing better graphs.

Time's science blogger muses on "the illusion we all have that things will go on pretty much as they are now."

Follow the Money

The Omics! Omics! blogger wonders where the money goes when there's a major financial failure in biotech.

Dell moves a step closer to offering Linux pre-installed.

Me and My Thermo

Blogging the installation of a new mass spec. What could be more fun?

Upheld, For Now

A California appeals court maintains the constitutionality of stem cell agency.

DNA analysis helps wildlife experts trace origins of contraband ivory.

Researchers find a gene whose variations correlate with performance IQ scores.

A 2002 study using adult stem cells may be flawed.

Two new studies make headway for therapeutics.

Researchers finish a draft of the North American plague’s genome.

A Mutt No More

The latest gene-testing app doesn't hunt for cancer; it tells you the breed of your dog.

This Week in Science

GTO rounds up the relevant reads in today's Science.

New research could help make liposuctioned stem cells a reliable way to regrow tissue.

This Week in Nature

GTO rounds up the relevant reads in today's edition of Nature.

Bacterial Computing

Organic computing takes a step forward through bacteria.

AJAX is good for bioinformatics web apps, too!

A PLoS Biology paper reports on DNA packing mechanisms. Not convinced? We've got a video, too.

Researchers design a simple genomic test to tell two cancers apart.

Hungry No More

MIT professor James Sherley ends his 12-day hunger strike without attaining tenure.

On the Dole

California’s dreaming about stem cell research, to the tune of $45 million.

By Any Other Name…

A large-scale genetic testing project has had an impact on bird families.

For your wall of the weird, here's a guy suing a school board and claiming to have found the missing link.

A flurry of articles is stirring up concerns about gene patents and genetic testing. What are we to make of this?


A National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report calls for changing metrics to make STEM graduate school more student-centered, according to Science.

Two postdocs and a PhD hosted a panel discussion at Memorial Sloan Kettering on career advancement in science and what researchers can expect when they leave the lab.

An analysis of speakers at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting finds that women are less likely to be invited to talk, according to the Guardian.

An analysis appearing in PeerJ finds that social media mentions of a paper may lead to increased citations.