The Scan

A Nobel Laureate dies.

The Scientist revisits a 2005 paper that would have changed the rules of Mendelian inheritance.

PBS has a series on ancestry that makes use of DNA and historical records.

A blogger hopes "bursty work" can be applied to scientific research.

GSK and the MRC pool resources to focus on GWAS for depression and obesity.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has series on "How to Think About Science."

Diana Bianchi chronicles the rise of genetics.

A blogger wonders what words the genome encodes.

Hsien-Hsien Lei blogs about why she thinks someone would not want their DNA sequenced.

This Week in Science

Science covers cell biology, shRNA, and more in this week's issue.

A new journal for creationist scientists publishes its first issue.

A blogger recounts his visit to the Wellcome Collection.

Researchers create two new artificial DNA base pairs.

This Week in Nature

Nature this week has GWAS, gold nanoparticles, cis-regulatory elements, and more.

An article stresses how little we know about the health effects of nanoparticles.

Drosophila melanogaster gets a new name.

Mark Gerstein and colleagues have a paper in Genome Biology on genetic nomenclature.

Genomic Graffiti

Watermarks in DNA won't last forever.

President Bush revisits the failed American Competitive Initiative in his State of the Union address.

Technology Review has an article about conference badges with infrared sensors that are helping scientists track and understand social interactions.

It's like a Cosmo quiz, but for bioinformatics. Enjoy.

A blogger envisions translational medicine as a "virtuous circle."

A blogger looks at databases to decipher your personal SNP information.

A blogger approves of the 1,000 Genomes Project.

Funding Woes

A blogger looks at funding in the sciences.


Mental health issues are more likely to affect graduate students than other Americans, Scientific American reports.

Researchers find that younger investigators fare better when seeking support through crowdfunding sites, Nature News reports.

Nature News reports that doing a postdoc might not help researchers find employment.

Pennsylvania State University's Kathleen Grogan says researchers need to approach data on gender and racial diversity in the sciences like they would any other dataset.