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In this week's Science, a team led by Broad Institute scientists reports data showing how the genome-editing technology CRISPR can be adapted to modify RNA. CRISPR takes advantage of bacterial proteins to cut the double strands of DNA at precise locations in the genome. In their study, the researchers demonstrate how these proteins can be used to cleave single-stranded RNA — but not double-stranded RNA — as well as snip messenger RNA in bacteria in vivo.

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Berkeley researchers have engineered yeast to make the molecule behind the hoppy taste of beer, Quartz reports.

King's College London researchers examine the influence of school type and genetics on academic achievement.

FiveThirtyEight writes that most who take a direct-to-consumer BRCA1/2 genetic test won't learn much from it.

In Science this week: early life experience influence somatic variation in the genome, and more.