This Week in Science

In this week's Science Translational Medicine, a multi-institute team reports on a pattern of microRNA expression that can be used to predict injury from radiation exposure. While exposure to high-energy radiation can cause damage to all living tissue, the hematopoietic system is particularly susceptible to radiation toxicity. However, injury from radiation can take weeks or even months to manifest.

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The Associated Press reports that the US government wasted $341,000 on travel by former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

Women who post YouTube science videos get more critical comments and more comments about their appearance than male video hosts, the New York Times reports.

The Wall Street Journal writes that participating in genetic research brings up the specter of past research ethics lapses for some African Americans.

In PLOS this week: sequences influencing yeast prion aggregation or degradation, dengue virus genetic variants affect transmission dynamics, and more.