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This Week in Science

In Science Advances this week, a team of US and Chinese collaborators publish a study shedding light on the transcriptional regulation of the inflammasome NLRP3, which is hyperactivated in a number of inflammatory syndromes including multiple sclerosis and cardiovascular disorders. They show that the B7 family-related protein VSIG4 suppresses the expression of NLRP3, as well as interleukin 1-beta, in macrophages during the inflammatory response in vitro and in vivo.

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Newsweek discusses the privacy issues raised by digital medicine.

A group of statisticians wants to eliminate researchers' reliance on 'statistical significance,' according to NPR.

In Nature this week: genetic analysis of Anatolian farmers, cotton genome analysis, and more.

Matt Hancock, the UK health secretary, is calling for the swift rollout of predictive genetic tests, the Guardian reports.