This Week in PNAS

In the early, online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, an international team reports on findings from a genome sequencing study of Arachis duranensis, the presumed progenitor for the A sub-genome of the cultivated peanut plant A. hypogaea. The researchers used shotgun sequencing to tackle the nearly 1.4 billion base A. duranensis genome, producing a draft genome assembly that contained 50,324 predicted protein-coding genes.

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Researchers have sequenced the northern white rhinoceros to gauge whether it could be brought back from the edge of extinction, the New York Times reports.

Tufts University researchers found a role for miRNA in transmitting stress between generations, the Economist reports.

Bavaria expands its forensic genetic analyses to include DNA phenotyping, raising discrimination concerns.

In Science this week: gut microbiome influences liver cancer growth, spread; and more.