This Week in PNAS

In the early, online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, an international team led by investigators in the UK, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia look at population structure in the Plasmodium knowlesi parasite, through genome sequencing on four dozen clinical isolates from Malaysian Borneo and five lab-based lines that originated from the Malaysian Peninsula and the Philippines several decades ago.

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What happens to scientific papers when certain journals are no longer published? Some scientists are trying to make sure they don't disappear forever.

A study in Microbiome finds that heavy drinkers have an unhealthy mix of bacteria in their mouths.

Doctors and patients are still trying to figure out what role at-home genetic testing should play in healthcare, Newsweek says.

In Genome Research this week, mismatch repair deficiency in C. elegans, retracing transcriptions start site evolution in the human genome, and more.