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This Week in PNAS

In PNAS this week, a team led by investigators in Germany and Chile tackles microbial habitat patterns in Chile's Atacama Desert, a "hyper-arid" desert considered one of the driest sites on the globe. Based on soil testing, metabolic profiling, microbial genome replication rates and community patterns, and other approaches, the researchers saw signs that indigenous microbial communities crop up intermittently in the Atacama Desert, despite its inhospitable environment.

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The Oregon state Senate unanimously passed a bill that would make it easier for people convicted of crimes to initiate DNA testing of evidence, according to the Associated Press.

People reports that researchers have uncovered genetic variants that lead people to always feel full.

Florida state senators are to weigh a bill prohibiting life insurance companies from using genetic information in coverage decisions, according to Florida Politics.

In Genome Research this week: metagenomic sequencing assay that detects pathogens in cerebrospinal fluid, single-tube long fragment read approach, and more.