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Researchers from China, the UK, and the US search for genetic contributors to Alzheimer's disease in China using whole-genome sequence data. For the analysis, collaborators at Novogene began by doing low-coverage genome sequencing on samples from 1,222 individuals in China, including 489 Alzheimer's disease cases, 260 individuals with mild cognitive impairment, and 473 unaffected controls.

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Mice in New York harbor both antibiotic-resistant bacteria and novel viruses, according to a new analysis of their fecal microbiomes.

Human Heredity and Health in Africa Initiative has issued guidelines for genomic research in the region, according to Nature News.

The Associated Press reports that an ethicist predicts that prenatal diagnosis and other advances will lead to more choices being available to prospective parents.

In Genome Biology this week: approach to analyze alternative polyadenylation, algorithm to predict transcriptomic structural variations, and more.