This Week in PLOS

A French-led team reporting in PLOS Genetics describes a variant in the PHACTR1 gene that's involved in a non-atherosclerotic vascular condition called fibromuscular dysplasia, which can lead to high blood pressure or stroke. The researchers focused on common variants in exome chip data for 249 individuals with fibromuscular dysplasia and 689 unaffected controls, narrowing in on 13 loci for subsequent testing in another 402 cases and more than 2,500 controls.

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CNN reports that researchers have tied a new variant to opioid addiction risk.

Organoids derived from patients' tumors may help determine what chemotherapy treatment patients would benefit from, according to New Scientist.

An initiative from GenomeAsia 100K hopes to increase the number of South Asians in genetic research, according to NBC News.

In Science this week: genomic analysis of ancient and modern horses indicates population turnover, and more.