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This Week in PLOS

In PLOS Genetics, researchers from Denmark and the UK describe an archaic reference genome-free strategy for picking up archaic introgression in human genomes. By searching for stretches of sequence rife with SNPs that are missing from 'unadmixed outgroup' populations, the team says, the method successfully saw segments of archaic introgression in both simulated and real genome sequence data.

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Researchers trace DNA on a clay pipe found at a former slave site to a population that lives in what is now Sierra Leone, the Washington Post reports.

Two researchers report on their genetic analysis of samples from a shawl thought to belong to a victim of Jack the Ripper, ScienceInsider reports.

Japan is to release rules governing some gene-edited food, according to NHK World.

In PLOS this week: computational strategy for improving gene set analysis testing, miRNAs linked to sleep apnea, and more.