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In PLOS Genetics, researchers from the UK, the US, and France consider the health consequences of genetic variation in individuals that share an environment. By putting together pairs of mouse roommates from different genetic backgrounds, the team attempted to tease apart so-called social genetic effects on a wide range of mouse phenotypes, ranging from body weight to wound healing, along with gene expression profiles in prefrontal cortex brain tissue from mice in the lab.

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The London School of Economics' Daniele Fanelli argues at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that the reproducibility crisis in science isn't as dire as some say.

A team of researchers in Portugal has examined the genomic basis for racing pigeons' athleticism and navigational skills, finding it's likely polygenic.

Wired reports that diagnostic firms continue to seek, post-Theranos, the ability to diagnose diseases from small amounts of blood.

In Science this week: analysis of DNA from ancient North Africans, and more.