This Week in Nature

In Nature Genetics this week, research groups led by scientists from Amgen's DeCode Genetics report data that, collectively, comprise the largest set of human genomes sequenced from a single population. In one paper, the researchers describe sequencing the genomes of roughly 2,600 Icelanders, identifying more than 20 million genetic variants that can be combined with national healthcare records and genealogical records to provide insights into various diseases.

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23andMe's Anne Wojcicki ponders DNA and what it means to be human in a New York Times essay.

A new estimate places the last universal common ancestor to life on Earth as living 3.9 billion years ago, Inverse reports.

In PNAS this week: retinitis pigmentosa gene therapy, role of microbiome in growth stunting, and more.

Bloomberg reports that researchers and drug companies are modeling anti-obesity treatments after the rare genetic condition essential fructosuria.