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This Week in Nature

In Nature Ecology & Evolution this week, a team of US and German scientists presents the sequenced genome of the Amazon molly, a fish representing one of the few examples of an asexual vertebrate. While asexuality among vertebrates in nature is generally explained by genomic decay due to absence of meiotic recombination, the researchers discovered few signs of genetic degeneration or harmful mutations in the animal's genome.

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Wired reports on how genetic genealogy's use in forensics has exploded in the year since an arrest in the Golden State Killer case was made.

New York City has settled with a forensic scientist who was fired after questioning a DNA testing approach used by the medical examiner's office, the New York Times reports.

Retraction Watch reports that the increase in retracted papers at a journal is due to more resources there to tackle publication ethics.

In Nature this week: technique for measuring replication fork movement, WINTHER trial results, and more.