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Variations on Results

A small study has found "notable differences" between three genomic prostate cancer tests, Medscape reports.

Hartford Hospital's Joseph Wagner presented results from a comparison of Genomic Health's Oncotype Dx, Myriad Genetics' Prolaris, and GenomeDx's Decipher tests at the American Urological Association 2018 Annual Meeting, according to Medscape.

As Medpage Today also reports, Wagner and his colleagues uncovered 22 prostate cancer patients who'd undergone testing with at least two of the three tests through a retrospective review of patient medical records. They then assessed whether these patients met National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines for active surveillance and whether their genomic results agreed with that determination, it adds.

According to Medscape, Wagner reported a 75 percent agreement between the 20 Prolaris tests performed and NCCN recommendations for active surveillance; a 60 percent agreement for the 15 Decipher tests; and a 50 percent agreement for the 10 Oncotype DX tests. He cautioned, though, that the study was small, the findings were not statistically significant, and didn't address the question of which test is better than others, Medscape adds.

"This is less of a scientific presentation and more of a thought-provoking presentation," Wagner said, according to Medpage Today. Wagner, it notes, has a relationship with Genomic Health.