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Trailed Behind

After the election of US President Donald Trump, a number of scientists decided to get involved in politics and run for office. But Science reports that these scientists-turned-politicians did not do well in recent primary races.

In February, the Huffington Post reported that about 60 researchers were running for federal-level offices and 200 more were running in local elections. "What has motivated them? Donald Trump," Shaughnessy Naughton, the founder of the political action group 314 Action, told the Los Angeles Times the prior year. "But the bigger picture is the feeling that science is under attack."

However, scientists didn't do so well this primary season, Science reports. On Tuesday, voters in eight states voted on who to send on to November's general election, and it says that few of the scientist-candidates will be moving on. It adds that volcanologist Jess Phoenix, technologist Brian Forde, pediatrician Mai Khanh Tran, and geophysicist Grant Kier were among those who lost in the primaries. Forde, it says, finished fourth with 5.6 percent of votes, while Tran came in eighth in her race with 4.9 percent of votes.