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Tell Me, Please

A US Senator has sent letters to two biotech and pharmaceutical industry groups to ask them to describe their approaches to combating sexual harassment, Stat News reports.

This, it adds, comes in the wake of a biotech industry party called the Party at Bio Not Associated with Bio that was held at the same time as the BIO convention. That party featured nude or partially nude female dancers, some of whom were decorated with companies' logos, as BioCentury reported earlier this month.

According to Stat News, Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.) sent letters to Jim Greenwood, the president of BIO, and Steve Ubl, the president of PhRMA, in which she addressed the PABNAB party. Murray, who is a ranking member of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, says the party has a "highly concerning history of objectifying women and using culturally inappropriate themes."

While BIO has condemned the party, Murray calls on Greenwood to ensure there are consequences for its sponsors, Stat News reports, adding that she also criticized PhRMA for not addressing it even though one of its members were among the sponsors. She further asks the industry groups to describe their discussions and plans regarding harassment and how they broach the issue with their members.