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Tech Companies Seek Boinformaticians

Technology companies are snapping up bioinformaticians, CNBC reports.

One group at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle has seen four researchers leave for Amazon, Google, or Microsoft, Nathan Price, the associate director of the institute, tells CNBC. He adds that it's changed how he recruits biologists and bioinformaticians.

"We're asking talented researchers to come spend a few years with us, and develop something cool before they get recruited out," he tells CNBC.

Tech companies are interested in biologists and bioinformaticians as they venture into the healthcare arena and offer cloud computing and machine learning services to healthcare systems and others, CNBC notes.

Price adds that academia is going to learn how to adapt to such plundering of talent to higher paying jobs." These people are really important to the future of what we want to do," he tells CNBC. "In academia, we need to close the gap more than we have been."

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