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Shorter Stay

The US is limiting Chinese graduate students studying in certain science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields to one-year visas, the Verge reports. It adds that the application process will remain the same.

The New York Times reported earlier this month that the White House was considering restricting Chinese citizens from taking part in certain types of sensitive research. It added that the Trump administration was concerned that Chinese researchers could be collecting trade secrets.

The Associated Press reports that a new State Department policy is to go into effect June 11 and will shorten the length of visas given to Chinese graduate students working in the robotics, aviation, and high-tech manufacturing fields — all of which are Chinese national priorities under its Made in China 2025 strategic plans — to one year. Further, Chinese citizen seeking visas to work as a researcher or manager at companies on a Commerce Department list will need to receive additional clearance from multiple agencies, which the AP says could take months.

The Verge adds that this policy was hinted at in the national security plan released by the Trump administration in December.