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A Server of Its Own

Like physics and biology, chemistry is getting a preprint server of its own, ScienceInsider reports.

The American Chemical Society has announced that it will be developing a preprint server for the field that's modeled after the arXiv server for physics, mathematics, and computer science manuscripts that's been around for years. The biology preprint server bioRxiv from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press was formed a few years ago in arXiv's image.

This 'ChemRxiv' will "facilitate the open dissemination of important scientific findings" and has wide support among the editors of the societies' journal, according to an ACS press release.

"ChemRxiv is expected to follow the established models of arXiv in physics and bioRxiv in the life sciences by enabling researchers working across diverse areas of inquiry to share early results and data with their scientist-colleagues ahead of formal peer review and publication," Kevin Davies from the ACS Publications Division says in the statement.

ScienceInsider notes that some chemistry journals, including ones published by ACS, reject papers that have appeared as preprints, citing prior publication. However, it adds that though many biologists have been concerned about journals in that discipline rejecting preprints, bioRxiv has continued to grow.