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Search for Future Beckhams

Parents hoping to get genetic insight into whether their children might be future track and field stars or talented soccer players can seek testing, but the Financial Times notes that researchers say such testing is based on weak evidence and brings up ethical issues.

Most sports ability tests examine variants in the ACTN3 and ACE genes, which are associated with speed and muscle strength. But, Swansea University' Mike McNamee tells the Financial Times that those links are weak and don't take into consideration other characteristics that are prized in sports.

At the same time, McNamee says testing could discourage children from trying other sports and affect their right to an open future. He also worries about what information testing companies store and what would happen to that data if the companies don't survive.

Instead of testing, McNamee tells the Financial Times that his suggestion for uncovering athletic potential in kids is to: "Go and watch them!"