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Science Paper Examines Influence of Chromatin Modifications on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

By sequencing the genomes of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder and members of their families, a team of Shanghai Jiao Tong University scientists has uncovered mutations that implicate chromatin modifications in the condition. Building off of previous exome-sequencing studies for OCD, the researchers performed whole-genome sequencing on 53 parent-offspring families with offspring affected with OCD to investigate all rare de novo variants and insertions/deletions. They found strong evidence for a high occurrence of mutation at promoter-interacting loops and observed that de novo mutations preferentially occurred on intolerant genes and affected genes regulating chromatin modification. As reported in Science Advances, the investigators identify three high-confidence chromatin modifiers as OCD candidate risk genes.

The Scan

Omicron's Sewage Path

The New York Times writes that testing sewage is helping public health officials track Omicron.

IBM Sells Part of Watson Health

The Wall Street Journal reports IBM is selling part of its Watson Health business to an investment firm.

Identifying the Right Whales

The Boston Globe writes that genetic testing has helped identify North American right whales and find that weaning can take place earlier than thought.

Science Papers on Approach to Quickly Sort Single Cells, Alternative Splicing in Cancer

In Science this week: high-speed sorting of single cells using fluorescence imaging, and more.