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Science Paper Examines Influence of Chromatin Modifications on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

By sequencing the genomes of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder and members of their families, a team of Shanghai Jiao Tong University scientists has uncovered mutations that implicate chromatin modifications in the condition. Building off of previous exome-sequencing studies for OCD, the researchers performed whole-genome sequencing on 53 parent-offspring families with offspring affected with OCD to investigate all rare de novo variants and insertions/deletions. They found strong evidence for a high occurrence of mutation at promoter-interacting loops and observed that de novo mutations preferentially occurred on intolerant genes and affected genes regulating chromatin modification. As reported in Science Advances, the investigators identify three high-confidence chromatin modifiers as OCD candidate risk genes.

The Scan

Call for a Different Tack

Experts weigh the value of recent experiments testing genetically modified pig kidneys using brain-dead individuals, according to Nature News.

Wastewater Warning

The New York Times reports that wastewater surveillance in some parts of the US point to a possible surge.

Can't Get in the Program

Due to the Northern Ireland protocol dispute, the European Union is preventing UK researchers from joining the Horizon Europe research program, the Times of London reports.

Science Paper on Spatial-Controlled Genome Editing

In Science this week: approach to enable a CRISPR-Cas13a-based system to be used as a cancer therapy.