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A new genomic analysis of ancient cattle appearing in this week's Science reveals complex regional variation that has been obscured by admixture in modern-day populations. In the study, a group led by investigators at Trinity College compare the genomes of 67 early domestic cattle known as Bos taurus to the genome of their progenitor, the extinct Eurasian auroch Bos primigenius.

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New research shows that scientists need to do a better job of including a wider diversity of African genomes in their analyses, STAT says.

A new paper in Science shows that men are still winning a large majority of the most sought-after NIH grants.

Nature Research and the Estée Lauder Companies are awarding efforts to encourage girls to pursue careers in the STEM fields.

In Science this week: beneficial genetic variants inherited from archaic Neanderthal and Denisovan hominins, and more.