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Sabatini Resigns

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's David Sabatini, who has been accused of sexual harassment, has resigned, the Boston Globe reports.

Last August, the Globe reported that MIT placed Sabatini on leave following an investigation into allegations that he violated workplace sexual harassment policies. It added that a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion survey had uncovered issues with the lab and prompted the investigation. At the time, Sabatini was then also no longer associated with MIT's Whitehead Institute or the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Sabatini, the paper later reported, sued his accuser, the Whitehead, and the institute's director for defamation and said he had a consensual relationship with his accuser, a graduate student who worked with him at the Whitehead. His accuser then filed a counterclaim, as the Globe also reported.

The Globe now reports that MIT officials recommended that Sabatini lose his tenure as he "behaved in ways incompatible with the responsibilities of faculty membership," as MIT President Rafael Reif wrote in a letter to faculty. This, it says, prompted Sabatini to resign.

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