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Russian Foundation Shuts Down

The Dynasty Foundation, a Russian organization that provides grants to young researchers, has closed down, the Guardian reports. This move comes after the organization had been labeled a foreign agent under Russian law.

Entrepreneur Dmitry Zimin, who also founded one of Russia's largest mobile networks, started the nonprofit in 2002 and has supported researchers as well as fellowships and visits to Russia by foreign scientists, the AP adds.

The justice ministry designated the foundation as a foreign agent as it has received funds from Zimin's foreign accounts. This labeling of the organization prompted a backlash from scientists, including a rally last month. Supporters of the organization note that Zimin's fortune was entirely self-made and has been used to benefit Russian science in a time of budget cuts and brain drain, the Guardian adds.

At that time, the foundation warned that it would be unable to continue funding researchers because of all the added red tape. This past Monday, the Guardian says, the foundation decided to close.

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