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Researchers Share Results from Review of Web-Based Cancer Support Systems

Investigators at the University of Lincoln and other centers in the UK evaluate web-based strategies for supporting people affected by cancer for a review paper appearing in BMJ Open. Starting from more than 2,500 records, the team focused in on 10 relevant studies reported by research groups in the US, UK, Belgium, Vietnam, or Australia from 2012 to 2020 for the review, analyzing the strategies used to design web-based interventions for cancer-affected individuals, including efforts centered on evidence-based guidance, the preferred approaches outlined by users, or the overall usability and practicality of such resources. "The findings of this rapid review provide an important insight into the methodological approaches used to underpin the development of web-based interventions to support [people affected by cancer]," the authors suggest. "The evidence generated from this review has the potential to inform and guide future research endeavors when considering the development and implementation of digital resources."