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Report Describes Structural Racism

A new report has highlighted racism and inequality at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, according to Nature News.

The report — which was commissioned by the school and is based on data and documents from LSHTM, an institute-wide survey, group interviews, and individual interviews — found evidence of structural racism and inequality. In particular, 52 percent of staff and students of color at reported witnessing or experiencing racism at LSHTM, as compared to 24 percent of white staff and students. Additionally, the report found low confidence among students and staff of color in the complaints process.

In a statement, Liam Smeeth, the director of LSHTM, says that "[w]hile the conclusions of the review are difficult to confront, facing up to them is an essential step towards creating an environment where everyone's contributions and perspectives are valued."

Ngozi Erondu from the policy institute Chatham House notes at Nature News that institutions like LSHTM that were founded before many colonized African counties became independent need to reckon with their links to colonialism and how they may have since perpetuated that mindset.

Smeeth adds in his statement that the school will be revising its equity, diversity, and inclusion plan in light of the report.