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Quiet Down

There's been a lot going on at the JP Morgan Healthcare conference in San Francisco. As GenomeWeb has reported, Illumina unveiled a mini targeted sequencer and announced that a semiconductor sequencing system was under development; Human Longevity announced that it has sequenced 20,000 human genomes toward its goal of 1 million genomes by 2020; and Genomic Health said it will soon launch a liquid biopsy platform, among a plethora of other news pouring out of the meeting.

But, MedCity News' Meghana Keshavan says the highlight has actually been the shushing of 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki during a presentation by her company's president, Andy Page.

Keshavan writes that the room the talk was held in was overflowing, and Wojcicki was one of the many who didn't quite make it past the door and was then chatting during the talk. From this spot, Page's presentation could barely be heard, leading Wojcicki to be shushed by another attendee, Keshavan writes.

Wojcicki apologized for being noisy, Keshavan adds.

In his presentation, Page said the company would be adding more health reports that have US Food and Drug Administration clearance in 2016 and would be working on its newly formed therapeutics group, as GenomeWeb reports.