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Push to Partake in the Horizon

Researchers in Europe have launched an effort to convince the European Union to allow UK and Swiss scientists to take part in Horizon Europe, the Financial Times reports.

It adds that the EU has prevented the participation of the UK and Switzerland in Horizon Europe, a seven-year, €95 billion ($108 billion) research and development program. Switzerland has previously participated in EU research programs and the UK has been negotiating its participation as part of it leaving the EU, but FT says their involvement as associate members has been blocked. The UK's participation was tentatively agreed to in late 2020, but has not been finalized as disagreements over other aspects of the Brexit deal continue. FT adds that some UK researchers are in a "state of limbo" as they have been awarded funding but are unsure whether they can accept it.

Through the Stick to Science campaign, a number of European researchers are calling for their UK and Swiss colleagues to be allowed to take part in the research program, it adds. "Excluding the UK and Switzerland is punishment for Europe. It's a sadomasochistic decision," Antoine Petit, chair and chief executive of France's CNRS, tells FT.

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