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The US plans to redirect funds it owes in dues to the World Health Organization to other health-related programs at the United Nations, according to the New York Times.

President Donald Trump has derided the WHO response to the COVID-19 pandemic, tweeting in April that the international health agency "blew it" and that its actions were "China-centric." He further threatened to cut off US funding to the WHO and began the process of withdrawing the US as a member.

The US still owes the WHO $62 million in dues for the year, but the State Department has announced that those funds will instead go toward programs at the UN aimed at influenza surveillance and pediatric immunizations, the Times reports. In addition, it says US government employees working as technical advisors to the WHO will be recalled. 

The US will still give $68 million to the WHO for projects in Libya and Syria, and for polio eradication efforts in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Times notes.