'Order From Nothing'

A physicist has begun to test his idea that life on Earth isn't a result of random chance, but of thermodynamics, Quanta Magazine reports.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Jeremy England posited in 2103 that atoms would eventually align themselves in a configuration that burns more energy, which he says would lead to the development of complex structures and, perhaps, life, it adds.

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Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies have offered to test families separated at the southern US border, but that raises ethical issues.

The New York Times reports on a project to develop a tree DNA database to uncover illegal logging.

CNBC reports that confirming a positive result from 23andMe's BRCA health report can be expensive.

In PLOS this week: links between gut microbiome and colorectal cancer mutations, targeted sequencing uncovers genetic susceptibilities to epilepsy in Koreans, and more.