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Only a Few

Even with the expansion of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, two states —Maryland and New York — have constraints on who can order genetic tests, Technology Review writes.

Maryland largely limits the ordering of such tests to physicians or other healthcare providers, though consumers can buy some Food and Drug Administration-designated over-the-counter tests, while New York only allows labs to offer DTC testing without a prescription if the test has been approved or cleared by the FDA, it says.

This means, Tech Review adds, that 23andMe's recently OK'd health risk tests are available in both Maryland and New York, but tests from other companies that don't have the seal of approval aren't. Some of those companies, like Orig3n, which was to offer testing to some Baltimore Ravens fans before privacy and certification concerns arose, say their testing is informational, rather than diagnostic. Its tests examine fitness, nutrition, strength and intelligence, and more.

"But states like Maryland and New York still might have a say in whether the company can offer them to customers there," Tech Review writes.